Trier, Germany

On day 4 of my trip to Luxembourg… I decided to take a trip to Trier in Germany. Cynthia, a girl I met on Couchsurfing, offered to give me a ride if I took a train to Diekirch, a little town forty minutes away from Luxembourg City, and join her there.

I reached the station just after 9am, and the next train to Diekirch was at 10:30… I treated myself to some breakfast while I waited.



Still tired from the last three days of a LOT of walking in Luxembourg city and Metz, I spent the train journey alternating between dozing off-and-on and worrying how I would find Cynthia at the station (even though she had told me not to worry).

I reached and realised why she had been so confident. The station was so little!! It was absolutely adorable! Two girls came up to me, and introduced themselves as Cynthia and Mano. Niceties were exchanged, and I followed them into their car.

These two girls were Social Workers, and best friends for the last 8 years. They traveled to Trier together every three or four weeks, spent the day there, getting some shopping done and doing best-friend-stuff together. I found that really nice!!

Both the girls were lovely! Mano was a bit of the silent kind, while Cynthia and I chatted non-stop. We spoke about our cultures, our travels, food, music, and a whole lot more on the hour-long drive between Luxembourg and Germany.

I clutched the container of Kniddelen that Cynthia gave me (THANK YOU, THANK YOU a million times!!) and told them how I was so excited about traveling alone for the first time, and that thankfully it was easy for me to convince my parents to be okay with it, because it was Luxembourg, and definitely safe. That’s when they told me the extremely surprising little bit of info (that absolutely scared the hell out of me, because I was going to go back to an empty house AGAIN)… Luxembourg city is the third most unsafe city in Europe!! I was SHOCKED!!! (But frankly… In my opinion… I never felt unsafe for a moment. It was a wonderful experience!)

They dropped me off at the city centre, and we decided to meet again in a few hours- enough time for me to explore the prettier parts of the little city, while they finished their shopping for the day.

Trier is, in the simplest way… ADORABLE! Walking all around, I was totally charmed and smiling non-stop. I started with a Milchkaffee (coffee) and Nussecken (oh the beautiful nut bar… I can still taste it!!)


and walked over to the Porta Nigra (the best-preserved Roman city gate north of the Alps) to take the cursory touristy pictures



I spent the a good amount of time walking all over the place, visiting the Dom (cathedral) as well



I spent most of my day in Trier walking around the absolutely DARLING (I can’t believe I used that word!) streets between the Porta Nigra and the Dom.

It was a happy Saturday, not really sunny, but thankfully not too gloomy either. Hundreds of people were out on the streets, families, groups of friends of all ages, tourists… It was such a cheerful place!

Of everything I saw in Trier, my FAVOURITE was definitely the choirs! It was something I have never seen elsewhere. Every few hundred metres, I came across a group of people of all ages singing together. It was so amazing. These groups were assembling for a few minutes, singing a few songs, and then dispersing. It was really wonderful!! They were singing loudly enough to attract people (like me) who would then stand around them and join them, smiling and singing and swaying to the melodies, but not so loud that they would seem annoying. I still can’t over it… It was easily one of the happiest things I’ve seen in my life!

My favourite group was the one that was singing ‘Don’t Worry, Be Happy’.imageThen it was time for lunch! I think it’s pretty evident by now that I love food! I walked around for another forty minutes trying to find a place that would be not too touristy, and finally found a place that seemed to fit the image I had in my head.

I went in, and was a little disappointed to see that it was a good amount more expensive than I would have liked. And, of course, I didn’t want to look like a cheapskate by walking out, so I decided to just deal with it. I asked the waiter what I should try, and he turned the page and suggested a 7 Euro Chicken Schnitzel to me. That made me incredible happy! Why, you ask? I hadn’t noticed that page in the menu, and was sitting with 15-16 Euro dishes page open in front of me. The waiter could have easily pointed at one of those. Instead, he chose to be really, REALLY nice! Delighted, I ordered the Schnitzel and waited.

imageAaaah!!! The coating was crisp and delightfully flaky. The chicken inside was soft and juicy. The fries were perfectly done. And the salad was devoured long before the actual food came (I was famished!). Half an hour later, I walked back outside with a happy belly.

I walked around taking pictures for another two hours or so, and finally it was time to go back.

On the way back to Diekirch, the girls showed me some lovely sights of the countryside, and I REALLY want to be able to go back so I can get to explore that side of the little country.image

So at the end of the wonderful day in the wonderful city of Trier with these two wonderful girls, I took the bus back to Luxembourg city (the train would have got me there in a third of the time, but the bus let me fulfill some of my craving for sightseeing).

Looking back… (I make it sound like it was so long ago 😛 It hasn’t even been 3 months! :P) This experience was my first time with Couchsurfing. Even though I didn’t have the courage to actually surf with someone… It was a pretty big deal for me to just meet someone and decide to go with them from one strange country to another. But it was a really new, eye-opening experience for me… If I could, I would do it again in a heartbeat!!


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