6 Things I’ve Learned After 6 Months in Milan

So today, I have completed 6 months in Milan! And, of course, with any milestone in life must come the cursory celebratory post!

Therefore… Here I present (drumroll please) 6 Things I’ve Learned After 6 Months in Milan

(1) Traveling Alone is Not Such a Big Deal

Before coming to Milan, I had never REALLY traveled alone. I don’t really know why *cough*myparentsneverletme*cough*

After coming here, I’ve made several solo trips. And it was never even a major discussion. Maybe my parents were comforted by the fact that I was living alone and managing just fine. Maybe because Europe is generally considered safe. Or maybe it was too much trouble to have an international argument 😀 Either way, it worked to my advantage, and I’ve been lucky enough to visit and experience some lovely places.

(2) We Can Adjust to ANYthing

I was had a comfortable life back home. I had my own room and bathroom, a car, almost everywhere I went was air-conditioned (or at least had fans), I saw my extended family easily every other month, and my friends on a regular basis, and I really didn’t have to worry about a budget.

Haha, it’s easy to guess what changed here. Everything that I took for granted back home disappeared (I still have my own room here, but there’s barely any space to move!!).

And as I said, we can adjust to anything. And I have.

(The only thing torturing me is the lack of fans. I’ve bought a little table fan, but it is SO not enough. I mean HOW can you think of building a home without fans in a city where the temperature goes well over 30 degrees??- and it’s not even peak summer yet!)

(3) Life is a Celebration. You Choose to Join It or Not.

This is something my Dad always says. No one is going to call you again and again to participate in the fun. If you act pricey too many times, they’ll celebrate without you. Too bad.

Piece of Advice? Join the Party. There are a lot of excuses you can give not to (to yourself and others), but at the end of the day, the only one missing out is you (though I still like to tell myself that even the others are missing out on my company :P).

(4) It Gets Better…

When I got here on 7th January 2013, the idea of spending a year here terrified me. I was lonely, friendless and homesick all the time. I spent my birthday (which was less than 3 weeks after I got here) by myself stuffing my face with comfort food. Gradually, the weather got better and so did my mood (what a metaphor!! :D), and now, I don’t get as homesick as often any more. That is a big relief!!

(5) …But It Never Goes Away

When my family visited me back in March, I thought I was pretty well settled. One look at their faces at the airport, and I exploded into tears. I still can’t bear to FaceTime with them, because everytime I see them, I get terribly TERRIBLY homesick.

(6) The Duomo is Magnificent

I don’t think Milan is a very pretty city (believe me, I sent a picture of a random street to my friends back home in my early days here… Most of them responded with something along the lines of, ‘Why did you send me a picture of a parking lot?’). But everytime, every single time I catch a glimpse of the Duomo, it takes my breath away. 6 months later, after seeing it so often (to me, it really is the only beautiful thing in the entire city), I still gasp and stare.

The term Duomo comes from the word ‘Domus’ which literally means ‘house’. Here, it refers to ‘the house of God’. This particular Duomo (easily my favourite by FAR) took over 5 centuries to build (worth every second, in my opinion).

I don’t want to get very factual, but if you’re interested, you can read more about it here.

I rest my case.

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