The Beginning of My ‘Adventure’, and my Packing List

This is a queued post, because today (17th July 2013), I have left Milan at 7am to go on a backpacking trip through Central Europe. It is going to be 5 weeks long (I wonder if I’ve bitten off more than I can chew!).

For now, I’ve got the first week planned… I’m starting with Munich, going to Berlin and then to a horse farm near Berlin. After that, my tentative route is Prague, Krakow, Budapest and Ljubljana, with some stops in between of course. If possible, I’m going to try to fit Austria in as well (Salzburg, Graz and Vienna- I’d visited Vienna for a day before when I had gone to Bratislava. SO beautiful!).

Around the 5th-8th of August, I plan to re-enter Italy, spend two weeks or so in the south, and visit Pompeii, Matera and a bunch of places I’ve been longing to visit. On 20th August, I have my flight back to Delhi from Rome. So, come what may, whether my route changes or not, I HAVE to be in Rome by then!

So… After obsessively going through a zillion travel blogs… My Packing List for 35 Days (so I don’t forget anything!!)…


About 12-15 Tops and TShirts- I’m not done yet 😛 (I hope it’s not too heavy to lug around)

2 pairs of Jeans- wearing one, and one for emergencies

3 pairs of Shorts- anyone who knows me knows I NEVER wear shorts- not even when it’s so hot I’m sweating my legs off! Hopefully by the end of this trip I’ll be comfortable enough with myself to wear them occasionally.

3 light Cardigan-type things, just in case

2 Dresses

All the Socks and , erm, Undies I can possibly fit


1 pair Walking Shoes

1 pair Sandals

1 pair FlipFlops

1 pair of nice Dressy Shoes- still contemplating this one, I’ll take it if I can fit it in


2 FULL Inhalers- better safe than sorry!

Bug Repellant

My usual kit of medicines- For aches, cold, allergies, stomach upsets and nausea. And band-aids.


Toothbrush and Paste

Contact Lens and Solution (and an extra pair)


Shampoo and Conditioner

Body and Face Wash




VANITY– I’m not a ‘make-up-ey’ person, but I like to look presentable occasionally

Lip Gloss and Balm


Hairbrush and whatever clips I can find lying around


Wallet- with Italian Residence Permit, Credit Card, ATM Card, Cash

Dummy Wallet- with Bus Pass, empty ATM Card, Gym Membersip Card, a little Cash- in case someone wants to mug a poor backpacker 😛


A Journal and Pens- to document this entire journey

Phone and CHARGER (so so important- charger, charger, charger!!)

The Nespresso capsules and the Chocolate Spoons I bought for my family (it’ll be an incredible anti-climax if I forget these!)

Laptop… To take or not to take?!

Mom… If you can see I’ve forgotten something, DON’T tell me till I realise it myself 😉



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