A Foodie’s Perspective of Eastern Europe- Part 1 of… Um, Many

Eastern European food is ridiculously underrated. If I had never gone there, I would never have known. Oh my drooool!! It’s delicious, to say the very least. Add to that the fact that it’s cheap and hearty and portions are normally humongous! For a backpacker on a budget… It’s nothing short of a feast!

Anyway, it truly saddens me to say this… But I don’t have a good enough picture of the thing that actually inspired me to write this post. It’s not that it never occurred to me, but I never could keep myself away from it long enough to click a photo.

Getting to the point… GERMAN BREAD IS AWESOME. (Well, Germany is technically Central Europe… But oh, well 😛 )

Having said that… Let’s look at some other awesome food I got to try 😀

Horsemeat Burger in Ljubljana, Slovenia at Hot Horse (Check out their reviews)


Say what you will about ‘HOW COULD YOU EAT A HORSE?’… It doesn’t change the fact that this was one of the most delicious burgers I’ve ever had. Horse meat is supposed to be tough, but the patty was made of mince meat, and it was tender and juicy and wonderful.

(I’m aware the picture is very ugly, thank you very much)

Rabbit Meat in Prague, Czech Republic at Narodni Kavarna (Check out their reviews)


The restaurant looked quite posh from the outside, but the menu was surprisingly reasonably priced. And when I saw rabbit meat, there could be no stopping me 😀 (I really want to try everything… If anyone wants to invite me to have chocolate covered crickets, I’m ready!). The meal was quite nice, nothing to write home about, but a ‘try-it’once’ kind of thing.

Eel and Frogs Legs in Zagreb, Croatia at Didov San (Check out their reviews)


This was my fancy date with myself… At this point I was almost at the end of my trip, so I looked up a good restaurant on Tripadvisor and walked there in the rain to treat myself. Traditional Croatian dish apparently, a little difficult to eat with cutlery, but I managed just fine. Portions were huge, and even though I had asked for only half a plate, I still had to leave a lot.

Fried Cheese in Budapest, Hungary– I have no idea what the name of the place was. The menu was entirely in Hungarian, there were no tourists, and it was super cheap. And I couldn’t find it again even though I tried 😦

I think the name and picture are self explanatory. Drool.


Okay, one more picture,,,


Yes, the bread pakora looking thing is CHEESE!!

Langos from a street stall in Budapest, Hungary


Langos is basically a deep fried bread made of flour, yeast, water and salt, and is usually just rubbed with garlic (that’s the one I got), though you can, of course, decadent-ify (is that even a word?) it by adding cheese, sour cream, ham etc etc etc. Some places even sell sweet versions with chocolate spread or sugar or pretty much any imaginable topping.

This was very interesting to me because it was, in the simplest words, a flattened Bhatura (you know… Chhole Bhature waala Bhatura) served with garlic. Seriously, more than 5000kms between the 2 countries, and I doubt any other cultural similarities… But there you go… Food is always such a unifying factor!

And finally, to round up this utterly non-exhaustive list of awesome things I ate… *drumroll please* GERMAN BREAD!! I just managed to take a picture of one of the many types I could try. You see that beautiful thing hiding behind the coffee?


Here’s a closer look… Omnomnom…


German bread doesn’t get all the adulation it deserves. WHY?! French bread is awesome and everything, but I think most of it is propaganda :/ German bread French bread or Italian bread or any other bread any day!!

Many more foodie posts coming up! I chose these at random because stuffing them all in one post would make it too dense. And seriously, there’s only so much awesomeness one blog post can take 😉


17 responses to “A Foodie’s Perspective of Eastern Europe- Part 1 of… Um, Many

  1. This is one yum post! I remember my share of “How could you eat a horse?!” .. especially from a friend who works with horses and is mad about them! I had something called sfilacci di cavallo in Rome. I went to this very Roman restaurant and one of the people I went with asked me, “Are you sure you eat everything?” When I said yes, he said, “Ok, here’s some horse!” And about horse meat… I read somewhere as horses grow old, their meat softens instead of toughening. And apparently, older horses are used for meat. So, most of it shouldn’t be tough.

  2. I am a big fan of Czech cuisine. Although it’s very stodgy and heavy like most of Polish dishes, I often indulge myself in local dishes :). Fried Cheese in Budapest looks so yummy, never tried it 🙂

  3. Appreciate ur appetite, haven’t known many people who would eat almost anything that’s offered with the same zeal! 🙂 *claps*
    and the last line, seriously, there’s only so much awesomeness one blog post can take, be it food or writing 🙂 Trip On!

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