Once Upon a Prague… And Happy Birthday Poopee :)

TODAY ie 14th Sept 2013 is my Poopee’s 21st birthday. My Poopee is my little sister ❤ So just for her, Here is a small glimpse of Prague. It’s a city she loves (from movies), and I feel terrible that I went without her… But atleast she can see these pictures and maybe decide to surprise me with a visit so we can go back together. What say, Poops? 😀

Prague is the very first city that exceeded any expectation I had of it. Every single view was breathtaking. You can actually just point your camera and shoot in any random direction, and this is the kind of thing you’ll end up with…IMG_2282


This is the famous Astronomical Clock in the city centre, first installed in 1410. There’s a short show every hour between 9am and 9pm by the moving sculptures on the clock. I found the sculptures quite macabre… There’s Vanity, admiring itself in a mirror, there’s a Miser, holding onto its pot of gold, there’s a Turk, representing good times, and finally, there’s a skeleton ringing a bell, that represents death and reminds us that we are one hour closer to our graves. Happy, huh?


Fun fact: There are Czech names inscribed along the clock. The Czech apparently celebrate their ‘Name Day’ as hugely as their birthday! (2 parties a year 😀 Wow!- or better still, 2 sets of presents a year!!)

Here you see the backs of my free walking tour group 😛 walking up to the Prague Castle


… and this is the St Vitus Cathedral, inside the same complex.


It started out as a church built in the Gothic style (the darker parts), and was finally topped off with Renaissance style architecture because it took so long to build (nearly 6 centuries).


Look at the funny shrink-wrapped bike (it was raining 😛 ). Why they couldn’t just throw a sheet over it is beyond me.


Pretty views of the pretty city from the top of the Castle hill



My lovely host family in Prague 🙂 I found them on Couchsurfing, and they were absolutely wonderful- Viktor, Katka, and their daughter, Silva. Their elder daughter, Lucy, has moved out and is getting married soon (CONGRATULATIONS!!! again), and so I got to sleep in Lucy’s old room.


And, finally, to sign off this little post… Here is the poster of the movie that made Poopee fall in love with Prague, Rockstar


Happy birthday, Poopee. I love you, and I hate being away from you on your birthday for the first time ever… And that too such a monumental one- your 21st AND the last one you celebrate at home before moving abroad to study. You’re a big girl now. I miss you 😦



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