What Not To Do in Venice

Try searching for ‘What To Do in Venice’, and I guarantee you will be presented with hundreds, if not thousands or even more, of tips. For (I think) the first time ever, let me present to you… 10 Tips on What Not To Do in Venice!!

Disclaimer: All characters appearing in this work are factual. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely intentional 😉

(1) Don’t go to Venice for a weekend without a hotel reservation because you plan to walk through the city all night…

It may start snowing. Something you, obviously, won’t be prepared for.

(2) … even (or, rather, especially) if it is during the 10-day Carnevale they have every February.

When you eventually do give up walking on the surprisingly (to you) empty streets (who would have thought revelers won’t be up and about all night???) and decide to find a hotel after all, everything may be booked solid in spite of being marked up to several times the actual room rate.

(3) If you still decide to do that, don’t dress up in short dresses and stilettos.

Sure, you may look great, but you will start freezing and your feet will start killing you.

(4) Don’t let your friends decide to spend a few Euros each on cheap bottles of wine (from the cheap supermarket chain, Billa).

Someone in your group may get so drunk, the rest of you will suddenly notice in a panic that she (or he) is missing and have to retrace your steps all over the city in a panic before you finally find her (or him) passed out in a corner of Piazza San Marco at 1 am. This same friend also may or may not end up vomiting all over her- (or him-) self.

(5) Just don’t go with people whose ‘drunk’ personalities you don’t know yet (even if you don’t intend to drink).

Someone will definitely behave like an ass, and probably end up crying, and you will have to fight the constant urge to punch them in the face (not just then, but every time you see them, even 7 months afterwards)

(6) Don’t let your drunk friend pee on the side of the road because you can’t find a vacant toilet.

Another friend of yours may slip and fall into the pee.

(7) Don’t let your dunk friend handle a jar of Nutella.

She (or he) might end up smashing the bottom and then bleed all over the (precious) Nutella while trying to pick out the shards.

(8) Don’t huddle together as a group in some corner of some Piazza.

Drunk and (I assume) well-meaning locals may think you are homeless and toss you a few cents to find a hotel room because ‘It’s too cold’.

(9) Don’t enter a cafe and stat ordering Cappuccinos and Hot Chocolates to escape the cold.

You’re really just setting yourselves up to get ripped off thanks to the obscene prices, and they won’t let you sit there too long anyway.

(10) Don’t split up from your group and stop answering calls or messages, especially if you’re all on a shared ticket.

Your friends may decide to leave earlier than planned, and just go without the two of you.

Thanks to these, I can’t bear the thought of going (back) to Venice. I’m not saying these are from my personal experience (nor am I denying it 😉 ). And if I was in the group, I’m not saying if I was any of the (in)famous characters I’ve written about. What would you have done if you found yourself in such situations? I’m dying to know… The comment box is waiting!! 😀


14 responses to “What Not To Do in Venice

  1. Haha had fun reading your post! Yes, Venice is so expensive! I was there for just a day and I appreciated it because the life there was so different from what I was used to. I didn’t pay for a hotel though… stayed with a CSer at Mestre 😀

  2. I will take cue from you definitely. And my exp. follows:-
    From my recent trip in the much-touted Glacier Express, I feel it is my ‘cardinal duty’ to let future travellers to Switzerland know that it is sheer waste of money and TIME. It is painstakingly boring [after all how long can you enjoy swiss valley beauty !! At the end of this looooooooong more than 13 hrs. train trip, u will be like – “god spare me!?”] And over n above our 1st class global pass and reservations we had to shell out 200 euros more ?! FIRST, this tour of snow-covered Swiss Alps should be taken only when there is SNOW !!! But we generally do things in excitement first – isn’t it? SECOND, Instead of taking Glacier Express packaged tour; one can take the train to CHUR then to St. Moritz and in this short journey of 3-4 hrs. one can enjoy the much advertised UNESCO heritage bridge and snow-clad mountain trail [eurorail passholders pay no extra fee too !!] And if you do not want to come back the same route, proceed to Lugano & frm there either to Italy or somewhere else. Money spent apart, the time wastage was killing!!! AND THEN the great hospitality [less said the better] of the Train Master and his protege Mr. Sellathurai of Glacier Express. There pay packet comes from our money and when complained about bad service, these johnnies had the audacity to say – “this is Switzerland and not India!” Courteous service knows no country barrier, I suppose.
    SHARE THIS, please.

  3. thanks!
    I can’t get thru Achu who’s in Italy now. his mobile no. 393503108666. So, i asked the VIT team about the event. This is what his teammates r saying-
    from Formula SAE @ VIT – Team Pravega
    “Hello Aunty he did really well, the best ever performance of the car and the driver,he has proved that he is truly a world class driver, giving points closer to the best German teams. Thanks for your support. We will do the country proud even more next year.”
    I’m really happy!! How r u? Barring the Glacier Exp. incident, trip was fairly good n smoothsailing. People r otherwise helpful when talked to. But in the first class lounges in the railway stations I had to show them the Eurorail guide book where it’s written clearly that we r eligible to use the facilities.

  4. That’s a very hilarious post. My favourite one is ” Don’t let your drunk friend pee on the side of the road because you can’t find a vacant toilet.” hahahah I would not even think of that 🙂 but thanks for sharing. Never been to Venice, but hope to make it there one day 🙂

  5. lol 😀 😀 not just then, but every time you see them, even 7 months afterwards.. 😀 I can only imagine ur expression lookin at that person!
    I am for sure getting to Venice for the next carnival and I shall make note of these! 🙂

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