Bellagio, and Nearby, in a Photo Essay

My Uncle and Auntie visited me in Milan one Monday on their way to a week-long vacation in Bellagio. The next day, as I saw them off, they asked me to join them as well if I was free on the weekend. And I did.

And I’m really glad I did.

Bellagio is a municipality in the Province of Como. By car, it’s almost exactly 1.5 hours from Milan.  And it’s really pretty. Our hotel, Hotel Metropole, was right in front of the dock, and every 10 metres or so narrow flights of steps went up to the upper level of the city. I found them so quaint and interesting that I decided to dedicate (an attempt at) a photo essay to them 🙂










Over the 2.5 days I spent there, we also visited Menaggio and Varenna. Menaggio was not very alive. I think we were there at the wrong time, just after lunch, so it was quite sleepy. And we didn’t stray far into the city either.

Varenna caught our fancy before we even stepped onto it. It was absolutely gorgeous even from the boat.IMG_3945

And it had its own stairs too!


The most intriguing places are also the ones with the ‘No Trespassing’ signs, what a pity. I sneaked a picture of this through the bars of the gate. Oh how I longed to go inside.


And, finally, one of the rare moments when I wished I had a better camera and didn’t just have to rely on my phone to take pictures… This is when I was coming back to the hotel after my run (okay, it was not really a run. I was wheezing and panting and walking back- something in the air, I assume 😛 ).


A mini-post, this one, a break from my usual non-stop jabber (or, in more sophisticated language- wordy posts) 😉 So much to see, so much to say. Until next time…


(That’s Varenna again)

More about Bellagio and Varenna in a later post!!




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