A Quick Recap- Part of the Balkans + London!!

I pulled a disappearing act for the last (almost) 2weeks 😉 I guess it’s time to finally update the blog with my ‘adventures’ in Romania, Bulgaria, Greece and England. for now, let’s just have a teaser of all the beautiful places I got to visit 🙂

I started with Timisoara

Went to Sibiu


A quick visit to Bran Castle

And an overnight stop at Bucharest

Before hopping over into Bulgaria, starting with a day in Veliko Tarnovo

A day in Plovdiv

And three days in Sofia.

THEN I spent almost a full day in Thessaloniki, Greece

And topped it off with three days in London with my sister

(Three brown faces, heehee)

Till about an hour ago we were at King’s Cross railway station. She was studying in a corner (the hostel was too noisy for her, though she’s studying in the common room now) and I’m just killing time 😉

It’s almost 2am, btw.

If the formatting of this post isn’t perfect, sorry 😛 I’m writing this on my phone and the preview isn’t making any sense to me. Will fix it ASAP 🙂


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