My First Missed Flight :(

It was more than just an average day. I was in London’s with my sister, wrapping up a 2 week long vacation through some of the Balkan countries, looking forward (for once) to going to Milan, partly because I was excited about sleeping on my own bed after days of creaky hostel dorms, and partly because my graduation ceremony was the next day- the culmination of my year abroad.
We split up in the afternoon because both of us were departing from different airports (she was going back to Delhi). I reached the station to catch the shuttle bus in plenty of time. I was confident I would reach with a good amount of time to spare, and I settled in my seat for a nap, dreaming about the sushi I would have at the airport while waiting. When I woke up an hour later, expecting to be almost at the end of the ride, I was SHOCKED to see the bus was still in the city!!
Over the next 40 minutes, most people started getting more and more fidgety. When the bus finally did reach (very, very late), everybody seemed to forget any rules of politeness and just shoved their way through and literally flew to the terminal. I managed to check in a few minutes before they closed. Deep breath. Relief. I walked over to security and queued up. I was checked in, so I was safe.
Apparently not.
Security took weirdly long. The flight information board displayed ‘final call’ next to my flight. I ran like HELL. I didn’t want to inconvenience the whole flight. No one likes to wait for one tardy passenger.
Well I didn’t have to worry about them waiting for me.
Because they didn’t.
I reached the gate, huffing and puffing like never before (I have mild asthma), ten minutes before take off. But it was too late. They didn’t let me in.
At that moment, I’m not very proud to admit, I began to cry like a baby. Like a blubbering little child. I also may or may not have cursed loudly, something that is incredibly rare for me.
It was not just about the utter extreme inconvenience and embarrassment of missing a flight, or the obscene amount of money I would have to pay to buy a new ticket… What added insult to injury was that I have my graduation ceremony in the morning.
The plan was to go home, take a loooong shower, scrub all the backpacker grime off me and get all dolled up in time for tomorrow. Now I’m faced with a choice. I either do that and miss the official photo session, or I go to school straight from the airport looking and smelling like (literal) poop.
My first missed flight. My first night in an airport. I don’t think I dealt with it very well. I’m too scared to sleep, what if I miss the flight again? (It happens, I just spoke to a guy who missed TWO flights today!)
They say it gets easier, missing flights. I haven’t felt this awful or stressed out in a long time. Thesis stress was something completely different.
I’ve been sitting here over 8 hours now. I have another 4 to go.
The worst part is how they take advantage of you. I wanted to call home. The payphone charges freaking 5 pounds for the first minute, and 3 pounds for every subsequent minute!!! Internet beyond the first hour (which is free) is 9 pounds for a day (I had to get that, otherwise there was no way of contacting anyone!!).
Well this wasn’t even a real post. I’m just so sad and stressed right now. The lady at the ticket counter told me to buy a dress at duty free and go straight to school 😛 I have no idea what I’m going to end up doing.
Man I need a shower.


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