How To Be The Hostel-mate From Hell

Of my 11ish months in Europe, I’ve spent about 30 nights in hostels all over, not counting AirBnb and Couchsurfing. And of course, in those 30 nights in over 20 hostels in as many cities, I’ve come face to face with a lot of, let’s say, unique characters. Some are worse than others, of course.  Here are my top non-favourites 😀

(1) The Know-It-All

And usually, the Know-It-All-Wrong. Someone tried to convince me you can put instant coffee in a coffee maker.

(2) The Super Loud Early in The Morning

I understand a hostel is pretty much a public place and I can’t expect it to be wonderfully silent like my bedroom. BUT, I do accept that there is some sort of unwritten rule that you don’t make noise in the dorm between 10pm and 7ish am. I think that’s a reasonable expectation. But then there are people who will wake up at ungodly hours and make a hell lot of noise and talk loudly amongst each other and wake everyone up and not even look vaguely apologetic. GRRRRRRR!!

(3) The Racial Stereotyper (is that a word? 😛 )

Sometimes I’m afraid I display characteristics of this one. I mean no offense, but, really, it is fascinating for me to meet people from countries I had only read about in my textbooks!

Of course, I don’t think I’m as bad as this particular guy I met recently.

In India we don’t usually eat with the left hand as it is used for, ummm, wiping and is considered unclean. At one hostel, I was eating dinner, the lentils with a spoon in my right hand, and I had a piece of bread in my left. And this guy says… ‘Oh, I’m sorry but Indians aren’t supposed to eat with their left hand.’ And I was just like REALLY?! YOU’RE GOING TO TEACH ME ABOUT MY OWN CUSTOMS NOW???

(4) The I’m-Going-To-Keep-Doing-Something-Or-The-Other-All-Night

PLEASE, just go to sleep! But, no. This person will pack and unpack and repack, switch the light on and off a million times. Zip and unzip their bags. Open and close their locker. Drag their bag from one position to another. Keep going in and out of the room. And of course, when they finally do decide to retire for the night (giving me a faint glimmer of hope), keep moving around in their creaky bed.

(5) The Non-Stop-Talker

I love hostels, I love the social environment. But sometimes, I’m tired and I want to be left alone. It is exactly on those days that there will be someone who does not want to stop talking. I want to sleeeeeep. But then, I think this one is the best one of this lot. I usually end up with great conversation. Sure, I’m sleep deprived the next day, but that’s a small price to pay!

(6) The Utterly Anti-Social

The first time I stayed in a hostel in Metz, I came away with an awesome new friend,, and I thought that’s how it would always be- that I would make a new friend at every single hostel. Obviously not 😛 At my second hostel, I said ‘HI!’ to the only other girl in the room at that time, on the bunk above mine. She ignored me. I said hi again. She ignored me again. I thought she didn’t realise I was talking to her, so I went right up to her and said hi AGAIN (I feel stupid now). She just looked up at me, said something like ‘Boo’ and went back to her phone. Okay. I get the hint 😦

And then there are the uncategorized…

I met a Japanese man, and to make polite conversation I told him I really love sushi (which I really, really do). Sushi is super common in Milan and very cheap and easy to get. He just said abruptly, ‘That’s not sushi’ (Wow, way to go, Mr Conversation Killer). I laughed it off and said, ‘Of course, I understand. Even Indian food is very different here.”That’s not sushi,’ he steelily replied again. Whatever, man. I just ended it there.

There was also a guy I met recently who wouldn’t turn off the light in the dorm. When I said, ‘Hey. Would you mind switching off the light, please?’ He said to me, ‘You slept in the afternoon. You don’t need it to be dark.’ I was open-mouthed stunned! I started replying (I hadn’t slept the previous night and was dead tired in the afternoon), but then I realised it would be futile and just buried my head under the covers instead.

Moron :/

I’m pretty sure I’ve been one or more of these at almost every hostel myself. Sorry not sorry 😉 Have you met any of these? Have you been any of these? And have I missed anyone? 😀



16 responses to “How To Be The Hostel-mate From Hell

  1. Haha very familiar again! I’ve got a definite #1 in my top 10. It wasn´t the super loud snoring girl in the bunk bed next to me, because come on she can´t help she’s an snorer. It actually was the highly irritated girl above me that night, who was trying to wake her up. Not by talking to her, but by loud moaning, sighing and highly annoying irregular ticking against the metal bedframe. The whole bed was shaking of all her ‘turning and tossing’. She even woke me up (while I can sleep through fireworks and thunderstorms), but it didn’t stop the girl snoring.

    And just when I told her to stop it some guys started playing Ping Pong outside in the garden. Really PING PONG AT NIGHT?? I refused to close the window on a hot night like that, so I had to hang out the window and yell at them to cut the crap. Felt like a complaining bitch but the ticking girl already used all my patience that night haha

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  5. the no.4 one got me thinking.. how can people not sleep and keep doing something or the other continuously?! how? not sleep?? just, how?!

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