Coming Back Home

Whenever anyone heard I lived in Milan… I got the most awesome reactions… OOOOOOOOO YOU’RE SO LUCKYYYYYY!!!! And I was always all ‘Meh’. And then everyone was shocked.

Now I’ve been home for two days. Not two whole days yet, but almost. And what can I say… I hated Milan so very much. Yet, when I was leaving, when I was riding the metro for the last time, riding the bus, walking on the street where I used to run almost every morning, and saying my final goodbyes to my roommates, my classmates, and even the lady downstairs (who sat at the reception in my apartment building), my heart was breaking.


I have no qualms admitting I hated Milan. In fact, I hated it so much that I refused to spend any free weekend in the city. From Paris to Luxembourg to Bratislava to Torino, I visited each of those places because I didn’t want to be in Milan. But now I’m thinking of all the things I didn’t see, all the gelaterias and pizzerias I didn’t eat at, all the gems that are still lying undiscovered, just because I thought I’d go next week, or next month, because ‘there’s still time’.

I didn’t go up to the roof of the Duomo.


I didn’t see an opera at La Scala, one of the finest theatres in the world.


I didn’t see the Last Supper painting.


I didn’t shop at Corso Como, 10, something I had been hearing about ever since I went.


In fact, I didn’t do any shopping at all. (In MILAN! Imagine that!) (Maybe the 15000 tie that I saw at a display threw me off 😛 )


I didn’t even visit the must-sees in Italy. Naples? Florence? Sicily? Naaaaw! I’ll just go everywhere in eastern Europe. There’s ‘lots of time’ to see      Italy after all!

I really wanted to visit some amazing new friends I had made. One lives in Nice, and the other in Rotterdam. What fun it could have been. (I’m not even talking about places like Spain and Portugal that I didn’t even go near!)

So, yes. I can say I left Milan with a lot of unfulfilled wishes. Regrets, if I may call them that.

But then, there’s home. There’s family and familiarity. And, oh, the food. All the food that I had missed so much all these months. My taste buds literally felt like they were emerging from a year-long coma (minus a two week period when I was home in the summer).

Maybe I’m looking for a kind of closure with this post. Sometimes I feel I didn’t check all those items of my list just so I would have an excuse to go back. And maybe I will. It’s so disorienting to imagine that I may actually never see all the friends I made again. In mere hours we went from eating dinner together to being spread out over different continents.

I  think you are only excited about leaving a place if there is a hope of going back. With Milan… I don’t know if I ever will.

Oh well 🙂 It’s time for new beginnings. My cousin is getting married this week, so it’s going to be a week of festivities, and then the New Year 😀 No time to be reverse-homsick 😉 (I can’t believe I’m saying that!!!).

Have you ever moved to a place you thought you would NEVER like? And di you miss it when you left? Write to me and help me deal with this confusion!

Note: Images are not mine (except the first one), but I have linked to the source everywhere.


13 responses to “Coming Back Home

  1. You can never do everything, you have to make choices and be happy with them! If you had spent all your time seeing Milan and Italy you wouldn’t have had time for all the other travel you did. You are only young so you have plenty of time to go back – and maybe bring someone special with you next time!

  2. As someone married to a Milanese and who has spent a good number of years in Milan over the last 30-some years, I can understand your dislike of the city. In the early years, if it hadn’t been for my wife I don’t think I would have given the place the time of day. But Milan grows on you, and now I’m looking forward to retiring there. So one day, in your global peregrinations, come back …
    PS: thanks for liking my post Blue Eyes, Blue Sky

  3. for a moment I felt like u wer writing from my mind! It was the same I felt when I was leaving Birmingham after one year! I never liked the place, and I said that to whomever I spoke. I would go most of UK, even across the sea to Ireland but didn’t visit the Cadburys nor the museums in Birmingham. Infact, my first visit to the city centre in broad day light came only in September, close to 9 months after I arrived. The only thought in my head was, there’s still time! 🙂
    and today how I miss that lovely place & people, whom I know will never meet again!

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  5. I find it so common for folks who live in a city, to have never gone around that city as a tourist. That includes me. I used to live very close to NYC and never visited the real touristy places. It was only when I left that city, that I did make a visit later as a tourist!

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