I’m an Xwarrior!!!

I am sooo aware that this is supposed to be a ‘travel’ blog, but at this moment I am on such a high (adrenaline only, don’t worry)… I can not possibly talk (RAVE) about anything else!

So I just went for my first ever obstacle run. It was the funnest thing I’ve ever done- beating cliff diving and spelunking hollow! And that is saying a lot!!

This race was called the Xwarrior run, and was organized by Sport365India… And ohhh, freaking hell, why haven’t these things been happening all my life?? A 4 km obstacle (15 of them!) course in Delhi’s good old Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium. We climbed over nets and walls, crawled under barbed wire, splashed our way through knee-high water, tightroped across not-so-tight ropes and so many other things!! There’s just one obstacle I couldn’t get past, which involved hanging upside down and using your hands and legs to go from one end to the other of a rope. Am I being clear? I can’t find a picture to show what I mean 😦


My favourite obstacle was definitely the one they called ‘Ab, bus!’. In this one, we had to climb into a bus through the window (they had removed the windowpane) by climbing on the wheel. One of those old type of buses, not the modern low floor, large window ones. Then we had to jump out the window on the other side (onto a very thick mattress, thankfully). It took me a while to jump, apparently I’m scared of it. Reminded me of cliff jumping in Split when I teetered on the edge of the cliff for a GOOD amount of time. But anyway, DID IT!!

Regrets?? Yeah! I couldn’t carry my inhaler with me (I have exercise-induced asthma), because of which I was that girl who just walked between the obstacles (very sad for a half marathoner who ran 10Ks every morning till about 3 months back- DAMN YOU, THESIS!!) because I didn’t want to take a risk. The obstacles themselves were fairly easy (yay, upper body strength!!) except the upside down thing. So, my game plan for next month is to focus on building up my endurance, and see if breathing exercises can help my mild-asthma. Any ideas?

I’m going to upload my finishing picture as soon as I get it.

When is next time?? March 9th, apparently. It’s a different company- the race is called Devil’s Circuit. I HIGHLY recommend it!!! What are you waiting for?? Join, guys!!!

(I need to go calm down now, everything is still shaking. Wheeeeee!!)

Next post is going to be travel related. I promise!


2 responses to “I’m an Xwarrior!!!

    • I’m still not over it 😀 Can’t stop talking about it, and decided to write about it before I wear everyone’s ears off! The upside down rope thing was the drunken monkey or hungover monkey… Something like that? We had to hang from the rope with our hands and ankles, and cross it…

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