Home(s) Away From Home… Hostel Reviews- Part 1

SO… Since I stayed in over 20 hostels in my time in Europe, I feel I should pass on the love and talk about the hostels I stayed at. I’m going in alphabetical order by country, so things make some sense. Finally, the hostel reviews I’ve been promising for months now 🙂

Bulgaria Hostel Mostel in all three cities


  • Location: About 7-8 mins walk from the city centre. It’s actually just across the road, but the road is a huge one and you have to cross using the subway.
  • Staff: Very friendly! And look, Angel (the manager) gave me thisScooby so I don’t get lonely on my trip 🙂


    Scooby Dooby Doo! Thank you, Angel!!

  • Breakfast: Included. And they give you dinner as well, along with a glass of beer or juice.
  • Facilities:Free wifi. Enough toilets. That’s all you really need.
  • Price: 9 Euros per night for a 10 bed dorm.

Sofia (*Best Value-for-Money* Award)

  • Location: 7-8 mins walk from the start point of the free walking tour/centre.
  • Staff: Super talkative and friendly, and all the ones I spoke to seemed to be native English speakers, even though their names were Bulgarian. Perfectly fluent!!
  • Breakfast: The BEST one I’ve had. The spread could put a lot of hotels to shame!! Waffles, pancakes, exotic fruits… They had everything! And, of course, dinner was included too… And they had options!
  • IMG_4717

    Hostel Mostel, Sofia has some good history

  • Facilities: Free wifi. Rooms were slightly cramped, with ensuite toilet and shower, but there was enough space to be comfortable. VERY large common area and they organise a lot of activities.
  • Price: 9 Euros per night for a 10 bed dorm. And I know for sure you get discounts for longer stays.

Veliko Tarnovo

  • Location: 3-4 mins walk from the Tsarevets entrance. 5-8 mins from the rest of the city.
  • Staff: Friendly and helpful. Though there was one guy who couldn’t be bothered. And I remember giving him a postcard and some money to post for me because I was (as usual) running late (I’ve had it done before, it’s not a big deal!). He ‘mmm’ed and ‘aaah’ed a lot, and finally didn’t bother, I guess, because this is the only postcard that still hasn’t reached.
  • Breakfast: Included. And so is dinner.
  • Facilities: Free wifi. Spacious rooms. Enough toilets, and a large common area. I liked it a lot. But then beware, this is where I met the crackpot who inspired this post.
  • Price: 9 Euros per night for a 10 bed dorm.

Split Diocletian Palace Hostel (*Favourite Location* Award)

  • Location: In the palace. Like seriously, INSIDE the palace. It just doesn’t get better than that.
  • Staff: Nice (and I remember one of them being extremely good looking. Extremely), and after an initial recommendation of eating at their in-house resaurant, they gave nice genuine suggestions about what to do and eat.
  • Breakfast: Not Included. But they have a restaurant inside, if you like.
  • IMG_3212

    You have no choice but to wake up with the sun… Whether you want to or not.

  • Facilities: Free wifi, but I think the signal wasn’t that good. Maybe it was because a LOT of people were using it. The AC was terrible. I sweated (swat?) all night. The loo situation was a bit weird as well… Not enough showers and shitpots. I didn’t have a crisis (because I managed to sneak in when it was empty) but I think it’s more than possible.
  • Price: About 20 Euros per night. I stayed in a 16 bed mixed dorm. Humongous, yes, and seems too expensive, but it was absolutely peak season, and all other hostels I tried were full!

Zagreb Chillout Hostel (*Best AC* Award)

  • Location: 4-5 mins walk from the Lower Town centre, and 9-10 mins from the Upper Town.
  • Staff: Perfectly nice. They did think I was crazy because I was insisting that they book my spot right now, RIGHT NOW… But that was because it was the 4th or 5th hostel I was trying after being turned away from a lot of full ones (how was I to know a Robbie Williams’ concert was going to happen that night?!). Also there was one guy who was totally confused, maybe he was new, but he got stuck trying to open the door to the luggage room, and got lost taking me to my room 😛 But it was funny, so it’s okay!
  • Breakfast: Not included, but they have a restaurant so you can get it if you pay for it. I recommend walking over to ElisCaffe for some seriously good coffee.
  • IMG_3182

    Shit Wiper XD I’m still laughing!

  • Facilities: Free wifi. The BEST AC I found. Already Europe has no fans anywhere, and I was traveling in the super-hot months of July and August. Finding AC here in my room was such a pleasant surprise, and it was seriously strong. It took me a ton of effort to leave the room!!
  • IMG_3161


  • Price: About 20 Euros for a 4 bed dorm. Worth it, JUST because of the AC!

My general impression of all these hostels was positive, so just make that your base assumption. Everything is clean and safe unless I mention otherwise. If you want to know some particular details about any of these (or other) hostels, about lockers or whatever, let me know, and I will tell you whatever I remember.

The next couple of instalments will review hostels in Czech Republic, England, France, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia. 

Any questions in the meantime? You know what to do!! 🙂


11 responses to “Home(s) Away From Home… Hostel Reviews- Part 1

    • Thanks, Rashad!! I have many more coming up (and hopefully by the time I’m done with this series, I’ll have more). And, yeah, the shit wiper thing made me lol when I was ON the shit pot 😛 Whoops 😉

  1. What a great idea! Such good information. I’ll have to do something like this…
    The fact that a staff member gave you a scooby doo to keep you company is probably the cutest thing i’ve ever heard!!

    • That would be awesome, Tiana!! Most of the hostel reviews I’ve read have been on the booking websites, and I recently saw that people get paid to write fake reviews :O :/ So it would be good to find proper reviews on proper blogs.
      And, yup, it was a super sweet gesture 😀 Thanks 😀

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