‘Weight’ a Minute…!!

Let’s just take a break from the whole traveling thing for a day and talk about some ‘weighty’ issues. What brings about this post is the reactions to a picture I posted onto Facebook and Instagram yesterday.


The Struggle Is Real!

It’s been barely 24 hours, and I have not just been bombarded with likes and comments and congratulations-es, MULTIPLE people have pinged me and asked me for the ‘secret’.

Now, before I reveal that valuable piece of information. Let us take a short walk down memory lane…


My little sister and I

This is me in Class 8. I don’t know if I did not know it then or what, but a 12 year old should not look like that. As you can probably understand, I was the fattest kid in class.I was obviously not into sports or anything, and kids can be cruel. Very good for an angsty pre-teen’s self esteem.

I finished school and went into college. Till my 2nd and 3rd year of college, I hadn’t changed much.


19 years old

Somewhere along the way, in my 4th and 5th years of college (architecture. Seriously neverending course) I started working out. I started with 2min jogs a day (I was using the C25K program), did a 5K, completed Beachbody’s Insanity and Asylum workouts, finished two half marathons and got into pretty okay shape.


I have exercise induced asthma and I run with an inhaler. What’s your excuse?

The half marathons were BIG for me because even in my final year at school I couldn’t jog 100m without having to stop and walk.

I graduated from college in 2011, and I was not overweight at that point. But then, after my 2nd half marathon, I was SO fatigued with running everyday, I totally, TOTALLY let myself go. And by early 2013, I was a big treat to the eyes 😛 Like, big, literally 😛


23rd bday in Jan 2012 :/

But then again within a month or two, I got back to my usual schedule, and slowly and steadily got down to a comfortable weight, and that is where I remained till the end of 2012.

I was just THREE kgs from my goal weight.


At a friend’s wedding in August 2012

In January of 2013, I went to Milan to study further. Milan and I took a long time to start getting along, but by the time the summer vacations rolled around, I had got my eating under control and was running 10K every morning, and was doing fine health (and weight) wise.


January 2013 in Milan

During the summer, which is what this blog is mostly about so far, I sampled everything from every country I visited, but since I walk a LOT, i didn’t put on too much weight. After the summer though, I went back for my thesis. I do NOT do well under pressure. Add to that the fact that I had just discovered Mozzarella di Bufala a few weeks before, and I needed to get enough of it into my system till I hated it and myself (still hasn’t happened, by the way)!! :/

I came out of Domus 13 kgs heavier than when I had gone in.


Still cute? 😛

My cousin’s wedding was in less than two weeks after I came back. I could barely squeeze into my clothes… Exhibit A: The left side of the first picture o_O

In January, I did make a New Year’s Resolution to get rid of the 13 kgs quickly, but, needless to say, with birthdays, weddings and ‘life’… I didn’t. I was exercising off and on, but I was going through a difficult time in my life (I will talk about it on the blog once it’s sufficiently far behind me), and couldn’t curb the emotional eating. But since I didn’t have access to any more cheese and gelato, I did lose 3-4 kgs in those months.

In the middle of May, I finally decided to suck it up and DO IT!!  So here comes my ‘secret’.

I began on 17th May, and, again, because of ‘life’, I cannot prepare special, super healthy meals for myself, with perfect macros or whatever. Food wise, the only changes I’ve made are that I eat a little less than I used to. I still eat what my family eats, but I cook my own (brown) rice. I’ve stopped eating junk food– chocolates and peanuts (and peanut butter) are usually my undoing. The first few weeks, I had uncontrollable binges every few days, but I’ve been good for over a month now. I’m still a foodie, and always will be. But I’m slowly learning to manage my portions.

I run. I run a lot. I run 8-10 kms every night. Running is easy for me (it’s not always been this way), and I love it. Sometimes I throw in some HIIT. Sometimes I jump rope, sometimes I swim. But I exercise almost everyday. I walk as much as I can.

I lift heavy weights. I can squat my own weight. I do bodyweight exercises. I can give you 50 proper form push-ups right now without breaking into a sweat. I can hold a normal plank for 2 mins and an elbow plank for 1.5mins.

When I was younger, I’d tried a LOT of those diets and ‘lifestyle changes’… From Dr Mike Moreno’s 17 Day Diet (it’s the best of all the ones I’ve tried), to Pierre Dukan’s Dukan Diet (my friend was almost hospitalized trying to do this one!!) to a Keto way of eating (there are so many conflicting opinions, I freaked out. It was going pretty good though). Fad diet wise, I lasted on the so-called GM diet all of 1.5 days and finally cried all day while shoveling food into my face at the end of Day 2.

But none of them worked as well as whatever it is I’m doing now.

The moral of the story is that there is no secret. I’m very happy with how I’m doing, and I hope in a few more weeks (or months) I’ll be where I’ve wanted to be all my life.

Now that we’ve got that behind us… We’ll get back to travel talk next time 🙂 And hopefully, in between I’ll keep posting some more transformation pictures! Until next time… 😀



16 responses to “‘Weight’ a Minute…!!

  1. Thats superb Surya!! I suppose all of us other Indian people have only gained weight from not walking A LOT like we used to back in Milan. Or at least I can say that for myself 😛
    But great work.. n i hope to see many more HOT pictures from you 😉

  2. i will say Way to Go 🙂 🙂 don’t stop now as best is yet to come 🙂 🙂 i can totally relate as my weight loss story is also on similar pages..!! by the way how you are tracking your daily runs? are you logging your runs somewhere? if you have nike+ id Please pass it on. i am sure you must be tracking your runs by one means or another …. if not then i will suggest you start logging/tracking your runs. it will be fun. i am big fan of nike+ so i will suggest that , don’t ask garmin (not a big fan) more on nike+ http://shahujval.blogspot.in/ – ignore if already know 😛 😛 😛 Happy Running..!!

    • I do track, Ujval 🙂 Not THAT religiously, but I use the ‘Zombies! Run’ app. It’s freaking awesome, and you should check it out too. It’s the only paid app on my phone, and it’s the reason I bought an iPhone (because at that time it was only available on iOS).
      And I’ve just been recommended the Nike+ app for the 2nd time in two days. I think I’m going to go have a look now 😀

    • 😀 Go go , Suraksha 😀 I’m here for any info you might need. I’ve tried and tested SO many exercise programs and diets (sensible and otherwise), I should have a degree 😛

  3. I lost 20 kilos last year, and I feel so so much better for it! My secret was Weight Waters’ program in Australia. Congratulations on your success – you look even more amazing than you did before!!

    • Thanks so much, Tim!! Weight Watchers is all over the place, but not in India, so I’ve only read about it. Clearly works!! Congrats on your 20kgs 😀
      (I have 10 more to go, and will be at a total loss of 20 too, high5!!)

  4. Thanks for the honest post! It’s a hard topic to talk about, and an issue I suffer from myself. I really wish I loved running! haha

    • Believe me, Tiana, I was NEVER a fan of running myself!! But just the fact that I can do it now, is such a ‘Ha! In your face, fatty!’ to the past me, that I love it 😀

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