Bungy like a Monkey… YEHAAAAAAA!!!

Why monkey, why monkey,  you say? Well, when you see our expressions in the video at the end, you’ll know!! I thought we looked funny, but my sister immediately said MONKEYS!!

With all these activities that I try, I just know more and more that I’m a big darpok, a bhitu, a scaredy cat! When I paid to jump off a cliff, I stood trembling at the edge for so long, half of me was sure I wouldn’t go through with it, and it was a serious pep talk that I gave to myself about regrets and all that finally gave me the figurative push I needed to fling myself into the air.

(I’m making it sound so dramatic na? XD Can you imagine what my schoolteachers had to go through when I wrote multiple pages about a topic I only effectively knew half a paragraph about? :’D )

Anyway, moving on…

Clarke Quay in Singapore has a Reverse Bungy/Bungee that I was mildly curious about. I wanted to go, of course, but I also know the amount of guts I had would take me just up to the ticket counter and no more. My sister, on the other hand, is a studnee, and she persistently badgered me till I agreed to go.

So this Bungy thing, according to the website, has a 100% success rate in the last ten years. And my sister thought it would be fun to mention, ‘So if they have an accident, it’ll be so sad they’ll have to change the 100 to 99 point something’ right before we were due to get on. (I don’t know why she does that! Every time we get on a flight, she NEEDS to tell me about some airline disaster she watched on some show. Why?? WHY??)

This picture is an APT summary of our differences!!

Sweating already!

Sweating already!

Basically, it’s like a catapult. You shoot up for a few seconds, then tumble upside down and round and round a few times, and slowly start stablising and coming down. My sister went all filmy and started saying stuff like ‘We’re shooting for the staaaaaaars!’ and all, but there wasn’t a single star in the sky, so, umm… Anticlimax 😉

My sister looks liberated, random uncle in the middle (he looks like someone, I just can’t figure out who!) looks bored and vaguely amused at our reactions, while I look mostly petrified, other than the times I began chanting, in which case I look at peace. Check it out! 😛

It’s a long video, so if you just want to see the first set of ‘expressions’, we shoot up at 1:06!

And this is what the ride looks like from the outside!

Know before you go: 

  • One ‘shot’ (that’s the best word for it) is 45SGD per person, and 30SGD for students.
  • If you want to take another go without getting out of your seat, the second time is 20SGD per person.
  • The acceleration goes up to 5G, the speed upto 200km/h, and for a few moments we were definitely weightless.
  • The timings are 2pm till ‘late’, whatever late means. We went around 9pm, and didn’t have to queue long. There were just 2 groups before us.
  • If you go in a group of 2 and a hefty uncle joins you, they’ll make him sit in between you two to balance the weight out :/
  • There’s another ‘Swing’ ride, which I’m going to try next time!

Have you ever Bungeed? I wonder if I’ll ever have the guts to do the real thing!!


5 responses to “Bungy like a Monkey… YEHAAAAAAA!!!

  1. I did it in a skirt. I somehow am always in a skirt when I want to try out crazy things with no time to go change 😦

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