I need YOUR Help!!

A few months ago I stumbled upon this awesome initiative taken by HIHostels called the Big Blog Exchange. What happens is, after a long selection process, 16 bloggers are chosen to swap lives and blogs. I was incredibly annoyed with myself for not having found it before the deadline (I didn’t even have a blog then), but I vowed to definitely enter the next edition.

Fast forward a little over a year, and now here I am, a blogger and everything 😉

So how do they choose the top 16? All the entrants are divided into 4 zones… Africa, The Americas, Asia and Oceania (that’s the one I’m in) and Europe. The top 25 voted from each zone go into the next level from where the jury chooses 14. And the other 2 are wildcards which are chosen regardless of votes, so that it’s not just a popularity contest.

I started out pretty strong with almost 50 votes a day for the first two days, which gradually trickled down to 5-7 votes a day (whoops!). And now that I’m 75 posts and quite a few followers old, I think I can count on you all to keep me in the top 25, and it would be absolutely awesome if I can move up from rank 16 to somewhere in the top 10, so I don’t have to constantly worry about getting pushed out of the final judging round 😛

And, well, since I’ve dedicated a whole post to this competition, you can tell that I really want this, can’t you? So… My dear friends, followers, family and readers…

I would be really, really grateful if you could spare a few moments and vote for me by clicking here or the image below (or in the sidebar on the right) and clicking the verification link they email you. I need to stay in the top 25 of the Asian blogs till voting closes on 3rd September  to make it the final judging round, and you can help me get there!

Vote for me! 🙂

I have a whole ‘About Me’ on the voting page… But here’s a quick paragraph for some quick convincing you may need 🙂

Vote for me so I can show you that the world is not the scary place everyone makes it out to be, that you can travel by yourself and have mental experiences without having to protect yourself with a can of pepper spray hidden in your purse. Vote for me so that the next time you’re tempted to take a leap of faith and trust a stranger, you’ll remember my tales of faith and friendship and come away with great memories and a great story.

How can you not vote for this adorable thing? ;)

How can you not vote for this adorable thing? 😉

And by the way… No Indian won last time, let’s do it for India!!! 😀 I will bring you souvenirs (you just have to ask), and I will give you a biiiiiig (virtual or otherwise) hug!


13 responses to “I need YOUR Help!!

  1. voted, shared, commented upon -whatever!!!! Great Going. KEEP IT UP!   SANGEETA MEHROTRA, Advocate +919899686031 in.linkedin.com/in/sangeetamehrotradelhi   Chamber: 114 Lawyers’ Chambers R. K. Jain Block Supreme Court New Delhi-110001

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