A heartfelt Thank You!!

You are now reading the blog of a finalist of the Big Blog Exchange 2014!! YES YOU ARE!!
After all the weeks of spamming everyone with requests for votes in exchange for eternal gratitude, I managed to collect enough to end up at rank 20 in the Asia and Oceania zone with a respectable 434 votes.
What’s next?
Now we hold our breath and pray for the next 11 days because the 16 finalists will be revealed on 16th September. These 16 people will be swapping countries and blogs simultaneously for 10 days starting 31st October. 14 people from the top 100 (so I have a 14% chance of being one of the lucky ones 😀 ), and 2 other wildcards from the non-top 100 entries.
For all the people who took the time out to vote for me, and shared my page, and especially the ones who shared my page with such heartfelt messages that I was simultaneously amazed and humbled…


BigBlogExchange and HI people, if you’re reading this… I would love to go to South America. (Just putting it out there 😉 )

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