Why Did I Start This Blog?

I spent most of my life thinking something was wrong with me. While almost everyone I knew had settled into their ‘jobs’ after college, I could just not bring myself to do it. Everyone had adjusted, and settled in. Me? I spent the entire week waiting for the weekend, and then I got deeply depressed every Friday evening thinking that Monday was so close. I could not accept that kind of life. Home. Work. Home. Repeat.

After a long conversation with my boss, I quit my job after just 10 months with no plans for the future. I spent the next few months doing nothing (and traveling a little bit), and I realised I was fully capable of going through life doing nothing constructive if I continued this way. So I decided to move to Milan to study Design.

Once in Milan (and on a few occasions earlier), I started traveling. Sometimes with others, but mostly alone. And THAT’S when I discovered my passion. Every trip made me come alive. Maybe I looked goofy, but I caught myself grinning widely when I was just walking through random streets in random cities in random countries.

I want this to be my life. After my course, I don’t want to have to go back home, back to my routine life, and have to join an ‘office’.

HOPEFULLY I’ll find a way to sustain this lifestyle.

I have no desire to make tons of money and live in a huge house and ride luxurious chauffeur-driven giant vehicles. But I wish to live in many different places, make friends with and eat with people of different parts of the world.

I want to walk through tiny streets and drink coffee in cozy little cafes while talking to different people of different cultures in different parts of the world. Live with them and laugh with them. Grow with them.

Maybe somewhere along the way I will find my peace 🙂

This blog is to document my journeys, and also, if I’m lucky, give a chance to others to see the world through my eyes. I know not everyone gets the chance I have got. I wish to share everything I see. Since I mostly travel alone, I don’t have the quintessential travel partner to giggle with and point out beautiful things to, so maybe here I can find a community of people who will be my virtual travel buddies 🙂

What’s your story? What inspires you?

32 responses to “Why Did I Start This Blog?

  1. So you live in MILAN! So do I! What a nice surprise! Let’s do something together, pictures around and some gelato sounds great! 😀 And since I might be leaving Italy in a month or two, I’m already nostalgic enough to want to take pictures of everything again. Nice story. Amazing blog! Keep your adventure always flowing!

  2. i know that there aren’t many people who have the courage to follow their passions. some lack the resources and some the passion itself. very happy to hear that you’re not holding yourself back…. go out and live it large… i’ll live a little bit through you. Thank You.

  3. I can perfectly relate to what you think about solo-travel, passion in traveling and connecting with people along the road. Enjoy the journey of traveling n life.

  4. Inspiring 🙂 I almost resigned (came back from the resignation page when Reality knocked the door) after reading your post. ha ha ha Just kidding 🙂 Trust me it requires a lot of courage and guts to follow your own path (the life you always wanted to live) I totally agree with Guneet here , and that too in india I have seen people suppressing (killing) their dreams just because they have different Priorities set (unavoidable) and the lack of courage. but I am sure you will find peace you’re looking for 😀 😀 The Journey has just started..!! Never look Back 😀 😀 Cheers and have fun ..!!!

    • I say go for it 🙂 But I got lucky actually. My boss was amazing and incredibly supportive. This feels like my calling now, and I hope to be able to stick it out even after the excitement of doing something new wears off.

  5. “I have no desire to make tons of money and live in a huge house and ride luxurious chauffeur-driven giant vehicles. But I wish to live in many different places, make friends with and eat with people of different parts of the world.”

    That’s the exact thought I have! 🙂

  6. How great you followed your feelings. I also will never be happy with money, big cars and all luxuries. I will only be happy with adventures, exploring places, meeting people and trying new things. That’s what life is about.

  7. You are such an inspiring girl! We are entirely different in our nature that I am always wishing to go back to my native even though I like traveling. But, we have come across with similar situations when deciding what to do in our lives :), that is swimming against the tide! Cheers!

    When I read the first few lines itself, I was attracted! So, I am here! Happy traveling!

    The Arts & Me

  8. My daughter wuld love to connect with you – she has a major travel keeda and is desperate to find fellow female travelers who don’t travel in sedans but live local…

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  10. Fantastic blog, Surya! Love your photos! If you ever plan a trip to Mongolia, let me know! I may not be here but I’m sure I’ll have some tips and contacts!

    Keep exploring!


  11. Fantastic blog surya.i always dreamed of a life full of travelling.but somewhere down the line we all have to come back right?.maybe make a family then realize may the best place we ever could be is with our kids and all.i don’t know if you like poem and all.
    if you like check my blog-sherinchelad.wordpress.com

    • Thank you, Sherin 🙂 I guess coming back and settling down depends on what makes you tick. I haven’t found my peace yet, so I don’t think it’s time for me. But maybe someday 🙂
      Going over to check your blog right now 🙂

  12. I just came across this as I was looking around at travels. It’s like you took the words out of my mouth, I’m exactly the same, and I love capturing the moments and sharing them (primarily through instagram). I’ve currently pinned 34 countries on my map across 5 continents, but hopefully by the end of this journey I’ll have visited them all. 🙂 Really great to find like-minded people!

    – hannahhui_ on instagram since I don’t have a wordpress hahaha.

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