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Brasov’s Christmas Market



Charming, charming Sibiu

  • Romania starts looking up! Sibiu!!
  • More Info
    • Stay Old Town Hostel
    • Don’t Miss A walk down to the farmer’s market for a snack of artisanal cheeses made by little old ladies (and free samples!)- I couldn’t find any free samples. If you go, you got to do this for me!



Holy Trinity Monument

More About Romania

  • They smoke a lot! There is no ban on smoking in public places, and I am really  very okay with dealing with smoke… But I still had to exit a couple of restaurants because I couldn’t handle it (and couldn’t see anything through the haze either).
  • They seem rather surly and don’t smile without reason, but some of the friendliest people I’ve met are Romanians.
  • Indian passport holders BEWARE! If you have a Schengen visa, you are only allowed in the country for 5 days including the days you travel in and out, and you better have proof of exit on you. Or else you will have to go through a LOT of grief and humiliation.
  • Much as I loved Romania, my immigration experience there partly inspired this post about my nationality.
  • Currency- Romanian Lei

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