The Balti List

Everyone has a bucket list. Here’s a non-exhaustive version of mine. I’ll keep adding (and hopefully ticking off) stuff… Most are travel related, some are travel + fitness. Not much time, need to get started. Yehaaaa!!

(1) See the Northern Lights…



…and the Southern Lights.

(2) Walk the Camino de Santiago.

(3) Make up for my wasted opportunity (after a year in Milan) and learn Italian anyway.

(4) Clamber up to the Everest Base Camp.

(5) Visit all the states in India- the capital of each, and another little town.

(6) Eat really ‘weird‘ stuff (Yes, I know weird is subjective, but horse meat and bloody sausages aren’t enough for me. Bring on the roaches!).

Five Weird Food Delicacies From Around the World

(7) Visit Mount Kailash.


(8) Go on a Ramayana inspired trip.

(9) Take a ride on the Trans Siberian Express (and combine it with living in a Yurt in Mongolia).


(10) Visit Harappa and Mohen-jo Daro (and Pakistan in the process).


(11) Lantern Festival



(12) Stand right by the Door to Hell in Turkmenistan.


(13) Run the Goa River Marathon- the 21k (I’m one of the few people in the world that has never been to Goa).

(14) Run the Ladakh Marathon- the full 42kms.


(15) And then complete the Khardung La Challenge.

(16) Complete the Dopey Challenge (I think I should start planning for 2016!!).


(17) Hyderabad Triathlon 2014.

(18) Spend atleast one full day in all the Disney Parks in the world.

(19) Visit atleast part of

~The Balkan countries- Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Macedonia, Romania, Slovenia, and Yugoslavia (Serbia and Montenegro).

~The Baltic countries- Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia.

~Scandinavia- Denmark, Finland, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden.

(20) Hitchhike from Delhi to somewhere south… Bangalore, maybe? No, I won’t do this alone. Who wants to join me??

(21) Go to Ireland and go door to door from one Westlife (including Bryan) member’s home to the next till someone lets me in or agrees to see me.


(Creeper alert? I don’t care!!)

Weeellll for me it’s waking up beside you

To watch the sunrise on your face

To know that I can say I love you

In any given time or place.

Brb, crying.

Anyone wants to take me along on any of these? Call me 😉

(I’m serious)

Did I miss anything? Is this do-able or too much? What’s on your list?? I’m waiting to hear more ideas in the comments!!

36 responses to “The Balti List

      • Northern lights will be grt. But its dark all 24 hrs there. That’s depressing. And its COLD!!!
        Make sure you visit Scandinavia sometime in the spring/ summer.. Its gorgeous.
        Just love ur blog. As dear ol’ Jonnie Walker says – KEEP WALKING!!!

      • I’ve heard!! I’ll have to make a choice someday… Sun’light’ vs northern ‘lights’. I really do want to visit Scandinavia. I’ve been bookmarking hostels etc for agess, but it’s so expensive, that it’s easy to justify spending a week in a cheaper country instead of 2 days in Sweden 😦

  1. I have a different Bucket(Balti) list, and about the lantern festival , in my school days we used to prepare the latern in home, & make it fly, not many but 1or 2. But good luck with ur list.

  2. Your travel blog is very interesting. I was planning a trip to Eastern Europe and stumbled upon this blog. Your balti list is nice and should be doable for you.
    Northern Lights, Mount Kailash, Mongolia and Base Camp Everest would probably be high on my list too.

    • Thanks a lot! Eastern Europe is beautiful and really underrated… If you need any help planning, do write to me. I’m longing to relive those days 🙂
      Balti List so far is pretty much untouched… Hopefully soon 🙂

  3. Hey! Haven’t had a chance to post much of my own but did come across your Balti list! the Northern and the Southern lights seem like the best of all.. Motivates me to write my own but I am not sure if i would be able to contain it all in one post.. I am in Kolkata for next 6 months for my sisters wedding.. If you ever in this part of the world let me know.. I can use some suggestions and we can find some crazy things to do here too.. (not stalking anyone though :p).. Good luck!…

    • Hehe, Aditi, my Balti list feels weird now. There are so many things I want to do, I don’t know if I should add them on here or not. And I also know all these are huge dreams, and will take a while before I can tick them off. But, make your own… Maybe a list for 2014 and 2015 and so on 🙂 I feel like updating mine to something like that too.
      And, yes, I will be in Kolkata soon. Possibly during Pujo. Crazy things, here we come!! 😀

      • Considering you have been motivating and inspiring so many of us towards creating our own balti list, I would say put all of them here.. must say they are not only interesting to read but also reflects the way you can add humor to everything.. Will look forward to seeing you during Pujo!…

  4. I’m with you on the Camino de Santiago walk! Of late, been thinking to do the 30 day walk. 🙂
    Also, great list, too many marathons but I guess that’s your thing! 🙂

    • Thanks, Neelima! You should have a look at the European Peace Walk also. This year is the first edition and I wanted to go but can’t, unfortunately 😦 Looks super interesting, I think you’ll love it!

      • Oh wow, thanks for the heads up! Looks super interesting indeed, I’ll let the first one pass though. They’ll make the second one better learning from this year’s experience. 😉

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