HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! and resolutions 2014 ;)

It’s that time of the year again. Early 2014… Time to make resolutions and jump into them with full gusto, and keep going till they threaten to fizzle out. I can’t remember the last time I managed to be satisfied with the progress I’d made. This year I’m going to change that!

(Yeah, right)

Well, a girl can hope, can’t she? 😉

(1) Read 52 books, and watch 104 good movies.

One book per week. When I was younger, even till 4-5 years back, I was a voracious reader. I don’t know how I let that habit fade. This past year, I didn’t even complete one.

I’m not big on watching very frivolous movies. This year, I want to watch 2 nice, not-a-waste-of-time movies every week.

(2) Get rid of 13 + 4kgs.

Why 13 + 4, you say? 13 is what I gained this past one year in Milan (unbelievable, right? The last 2.5 months saw me packing on eight. EIGHT!! Damn, thesis :/), 4 is the last few kgs I had left after years of hard work. Oh, well.

(3) Learn some new things, sports, hobbies.

A blog (I’ll link to it when I find it again 😛 Here it is!) I had read some time back introduced me to one of the coolest challenges I have seen- Do something new every week. There are a lot of variants of that- every day, every week, every month… I think I’m going to maintain the original format- something new every week. It can be anything- something as little as trying a new flavour of achaar, to something big like, I don’t know, eating something new for breakfast (I like my coffee, poached eggs and toast every morning. Changing that routine is BIG for me!!).

(4) Find a way to earn money.

By that I mean a job. Sigh. (Or win the lottery. Or maybe I can rob a bank… Hmmm)


THIS is such a problem for me! I’m going to overcome this one! I’m going to set weekly (?) goals and accomplish them. I will. Really!

So that’s just 5 of my resolutions. Of course there are more, which I’m going to detail and write about in a side blog I plan to start to keep myself on track. What are your resolutions for 2014? Did you fulfill your 2013 ones?

Signing off with a great big fat hug and a huge shout of HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!


12 responses to “HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! and resolutions 2014 ;)

  1. 52 books an year are near impossible for me, I don’t mind 104 movies though…I would have watched more than that last year. 😛 and if I lose 13+ 4 kg weight, I would be nearly invisible. 😛
    Happy New Year… wish you all the best for all your resolutions. 🙂

  2. Your resolutions read very similar to mine! I need to read more too and lose that extra butt I’ve been carrying around. Procrastination is something I’ve never been able to overcome as annoying as it is. This year maybe I will try a little harder.
    Happy new year Surya!

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